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Many thanks to those of you who contacted us to let us know how well your installations withstood Hurricane Katrina and for referring us to your family and friends. Less than 5% of our pre-Katrina customers suffered damage to their installations and most of these customers had minor repairable damage. To those of our customers who suffered greatly and lost everything, our prayers are still with you. This page is to give a big THANK YOU to all of our customers for allowing us to serve you. May we all continue to work together in patience to rebuild a better Southeast Louisiana and Metro New Orleans area.
Katrina Casuality
"I have you know that my patio cover withstood 140 mph plus sustained winds and not a scratch on it. Thanks Rodney for a great job done." Installed 1/28/2005

- Henrietta Bordelon (called in 9/13/2005) Lacombe, LA

"I don't know when I will rebuild, but when I do, Professional Patios & Screenrooms will do my glass room again. I loved my glass room." Installed 6/28/2005 - Katrina Casualty photo

-Howard Moreaux (called in 9/21/2005) Slidell, LA

"Our patio was constructed the Thursday before Hurricane Katrina hit and as we evacuated to Jackson, I thought the screen room would be the first thing to go when the winds hit. When we returned home, we had a number of trees on our roof with significant damage, but the screen room looked perfect. I can't believe it withstood winds so strong that 12 trees were snapped like twigs on our property. The only damage is some dents in the top from falling debris. I am impressed. Thank you. I will recommend you to everyone." Installed 8/25/2005

- Janice Persick (wrote in 10/12005) Covington, LA

"I wanted to let Rodney know that my screen room sustained Hurricane 5. My neighbors will be calling you. Very good work." Installed 8/1999

-M. Audibert (called in 10/3/2005) Kenner, LA

"Everything is great with patio cover. I bought a new home in Houma and would like you to do the work." Installed 7/2002

- Dena Charlet (called in 10/3/2005) Metairie, LA

"You need to take a picture - screen room is in perfect shape." Installed 8/23/2005

- Amy Elliot (called in 10/4/2005) Slidell, LA

"Our house had major damage; our garage door was removed, 3 trees uprooted, and roof damage, but our Eze-Breeze room had not a scratch." Installed 7/2003

- Julie Vicknair (called in 10/5/2005 Montz, LA

"I thought you would like to know that the patio cover withstood Katrina and Rita. I did have my doubts. Thanks." Installed 8/24/2005

- Pearl Chaffer (wrote in 10/13/2005) Algiers, LA

"Patio cover that was put up for my deceased husband is fine. I want to be put in an ad for you because I am impressed with workmanship." Installed 2/2002

- Mrs. Harold Landry (called in 10/14/2005) Harvey, LA

"House is in bad shape, but patio cover still here. You need to come take a picture and put it in an ad." Installed 3/2005

- Geoirge Newell (called in 10/31/2005) Chalmette, LA

"I am great advertisement for you. Tree is sticking through my enclosure and it's still standing intact. Just minor repairs needed. My neighbors' rooms not done by you have collapsed."

- John Skinner (called in 11/2005) Westwego, LA

""Thank you Rodney; you put my patio cover in 2001 and not one thing came off the patio cover. Impressed with work and quality - keep up the good work!" Installed 1/2001

- Barbara Damico (called in 11/29/2005) Harvey, LA

"Do you build houses as good as you build patio covers? Patio cover held up great!" Installed 3/2005

- Lawrence Richardson (called in 12/2005) Slidell, LA

"You are welcome to take photos of our patio cover for any advertisement. It's a miracle, I don't know how my patio cover stood up. There were only 2 patio covers that stayed, the ones done by Professional Patios." Installed 1/2003

- K. Johnson (called in 12/2005) Poydras - St. Bernard, LA

"Our shceduled date for installation was 8/29/2005, obviousley it could not be done on that day, but it was rescheduled and done promptly as soon as it could be done." Installed 10/7/2005

- Christopher Lang (wrote in 12/13/2005) Covington, LA

"There was no damage to my (freestanding) carport, only you can see where the water marks are up to the top of it. My friend's vehicle that was parked underneath it was totally ruinted by the water. I am too old to come back and gut my home; can you move it to Ponchatoula? Installed 5/2003

- Leona Tillman (called in 1/2006) Lakeview - New Orleans, LA

"Do your come out to Gonzales/Baton Rouge area - that's where I've moved. Eze-Breeze enclosure withstood storm, but house didn't. Want work at my new home done by you." Installed 5/2003

- John Jones (called in 2/2006) New Orleans East, LA

"Please note! That you all did a wonderful job on our patio cover and it held up during the storm Katrina. There were two others in our neibhborhood that you did and they also held up."

- Ada Carlson (wrote in 5/27/2006) Waggaman, LA

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